MLK Day 2014: A String of Ss to Set Our Souls On

Today I’m reminded of and grateful for the powerful influence for good that just one godly man or woman can bring to the world by consistently
stepping up, speaking out, standing strong, staying humble, and serving the King.  Those among us with a sold-out soul seeking to see the Supremacy of Jesus not just sung about or spoken of, but savored personally by every single human being He created in every aspect of their lives, are meant to magnify the glory of God to help us all enjoy Him more.  May we all heed Dr. King’s example, and others like him, to live and order our lives around this aim.

Certainly Dr. King did all these things to a degree unlike many.  But we are all called to set ourselves apart and live out this same set of Ss.  And today, I am especially grateful for him and others throughout history, and in my own life who have lived out this collection of “Ss”, and who can spur us on to our own further love and good deeds, for the glory of the King, the joy of our souls, and the multiplied good of all peoples everywhere.

*To dig in further with the source of these “Ss”, download a free PDF copy of “What it means to be a godly man” and “What it means to be a godly woman” from Todd Wagner’s blog, Words from Wags.

#1000Gifts #MLKDay

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“Drum Major Instinct” – Dr. MLK, Jr.

Excerpt from Dr. MLK, Jr.’s final sermon at Ebeneezer Baptist Church before his death. #1000Gifts #MLKDay

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The Joy of Now, and the Now of Joy….


The supernatural joy God intends for His people to experience is found perhaps most fully on earth in the fullness of now, the immediate moment presenting itself this very instant, in the fullness of now.


So don’t let the undercurrents in the Sea of Regret drag you off into the past and drop anchors that will hold you back, and aim to drown out His joy.  


And don’t drift off into a worry-laden, distant uncertain desert of the future and take your presence with you where it will drain away what He means to quench your soul thirst with its groggy forgetfulness.


Rather, wherever in the world you are, stay in the moment where the GREAT I AM is, and enjoy Him there where He invites us into every moment to experience the all-satisfying reality of Himself, whatever the present moment holds.


As John Piper so powerfully proclaims here and elsewhere, look back to be reminded of the ever-increasing resevoir of past grace and thank God for the innumerable evidences of it, and look forward in faith to the ever-arriving river of grace and His power being delivered in it. Then look for His face in the details of every moment, enjoying Him and showing Him worthy of our unwavering focus and the only Source that fully satisfies our soul.

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Whether in lack…

Whether in lack or plenty we live,
without Christ we are poor indeed,
in Him alone is met our every need.

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#1000Gifts – #8 & #9 Two More Graces Overhead: @ CrossCon 2014

“The chief end of missions is the supremacy of God in the joy of all peoples.” ~ Piper

Heard the massive grace pouring out of CrossCon 2014 online from Piper’s passionate and precise unpacking of the Word to help answer this (among other) question:  Why give your life to global missions for not-yet-reached people groups?

God deserves the praise from and wants people to enjoy the full, forever, and fully expressed gladness in His supremacy in all things, in all places, for all time. (paraphrase from Piper at CrossCon 2014. Watch the full message and all the plenary speakers here.)

Screen Shot 2014-01-04 at 6.16.27 PM

“Until Christ is our treasure, any other motivation we have to suffer for him is a fool’s errand.” ~ Chandler

Thanking God for Chandler and his powerful reminders to us quoted here, including:  the worst enemy of God is not beyond His grace to save them if He chooses, without any intervention by anyone (see Paul’s interrupted life on the road to Damascus) , but He invites us into the privilege of helping rescue the likes of Saul of Tarsus, to redeem and transform him from a merciless Christian killer into Paul who became the pioneering missionary who has no equal in all of history, and a radical Jesus treasurer whose mission was to be a world-changing church planter sent to the Gentiles.  Thank you God for Paul and his example, and inviting us into the same glorious mission to see your name exulted in the gladness of the nations.

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#1000Gifts #7 Snow Day! Brought to NYC by Hercules…

#1000Gifts #7 No School Today!

January 3rd, 2014 – 3 Graces Overheard

DeBlasio agreed with Mother Nature who sent Hercules to shut down school today. Hallelujah, thank God common sense prevailed after all.

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#1000Gifts #6 – A Gift on a Plate: Gyro my dinner hero!

#1000Gifts #6 - A Gift on a Plate

A fully loaded, juicy, yummy Gyro from one of my neighborhood favs capped off a decent day back to school on Thursday, Jan. 2nd as winter storm Hercules rolled in the snow. (IMHO, someone in a coffin or a coma must have made the school calendar for NY as no other major school district ANYWHERE in the US had a schedule starting before the 6th. Here’s hoping deBlasio will bring clearer, wiser heads to calendaring and other education decision over holidays and everyday….)

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#1000Gifts #5 – A Gift Inside

#1000Gifts #5 - A Gift Inside

Here’s the text message I received when I arrived inside my apartment a few minutes after 2am after returning from an incredibly blessed trip with my kids to visit family and friends in SC and at home in the A-T-L.

#1000Gifts Jan 2, 2014

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#1000Gifts #4 – A Gift Outside (to get inside :))

#1000Gifts #4 - A Gift Outside

My Tom Thumb card brought unexpected and unintended ‘rewards’….ask me for details.:)

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#1000Gifts #3: Psalm 127: 3-5


#1000Gifts Jan. 1st, ’14 Three Gifts Heard #3:  Hours and hours hearing these amazing, forever gifts that bring unspeakable joy!  What a blessed man I am… THANK YOU LORD for the priceless gifts of each one of them, and the privilege of being their dad.

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